Hunting in South Africa is surprisingly affordable.

Airfare from Seattle, WA (SEA) to Port Elizabeth (PLZ) is less than $1,500 USD round trip tourist class. It would be about the same from LA or SF on the west coast. Airfare from NY, Boston or Atlanta would be less. A Bed and Breakfast suite in Port Elizabeth runs under $50 USD/day if doing a tour after the hunt. Hunting accommodations will be about $100-150 USD per-day, and the animals are extra. You normally pay for the animal head, horns, and skin (for taxidermy) but the landowner owns the carcass meat. In some cases the PH may purchase the meat separately for his own use, but that will not affect you.

flight to Gqeberha, South Africa

I have, in the past, researched Elk hunting outfitters in Colorado. The average cost for a trophy Elk BEGAN at $7,500 for a six day hunt (arrive on Sunday afternoon and leave Saturday evening) Travel to Colorado is extra. For that kind of money you can take 10 plains game animals in South Africa! We normally get up not too early, around 7:00 AM, eat breakfast, leave to hunt about 8:30, hunt until we take an animal (one to three hours) and back to accomodations for lunch. A siesta follows and the hunt again begins about 2-3:00 PM and hunt until you take your second animal. Then back to drinks and dinner.

Most new hunters to South Africa (ZA for Zud Afrika) will buy a package deal that makes planning easier. If your package costs $ 4,950 USD that would include all expenses totally except any add ons you chose (say you come across a beautiful Red Hartebeast while Impala hunting the PH should be able to tell you the additional cost to take the animal or trade it for the Kudu you planned on taking later on in your package of the safari) Expect some additional purchases. The rule of thumb for tipping the PH and staff (cooks, tracker, skinner) should be about 15% if you are happy. I have seen $3,000 tips for a ten day hunt! I would also bring some small gifts for the staff (cheap pocket knives, scissors, mirrors pens, pencils, crayons, etc). The PH tip for a $4,950 safari would be about $750 and may be cash or goods, binoculars, rangefinders, knives etc are possible tip items.

It would be best to inquire for items the outfitter or PH might want to trade for service (a Leupold scope may cost twice in South Africa) than in the USA. If he wants such an item, research it online and quote him your cost including shipping (if any) and bring it to him. (MAKE SURE YOU AGREE ON THE ITEM BY MODEL NUMBER FROM A SOURCE LIKE MIDWAYUSA.COM). You cannot bring more than 5 kilos of loaded ammunition on airplanes, including the locked container they’re in. You can bring all the brass or bullets you want. There’s been a shortage of brass and bullets in ZA. I would recommend Barnes TSX or TTSX in his prefered caliber and weight. They are the most prized bullet in the ZA! Make sure the outfitter has a rifle and cartridge you want to use. If you are recoil shy, plan on using a scoped bolt rifle in .30-’06 or 7×57 Mauser.

I strongly recommend against taking your own firearms as it is a righteous pain in the ass. Do you want to go to your sheriff and request a ‘letter of good character’? (How much will you have to donate to his reelection campaign?) You will have to to do so to bring a firearm to ZA! The costs are high for airline fees and some airlines (Virgin Atlantic assholes) will not allow them to be checked or carried. Check ALL airline connections for anti firearms regulations and policies. Many airlines will not carry trophies back to USA, but trophies will not be available for your return now as even horns or skins take months to prepare. When traveling I recommend low key approach to the airline personnel. Dont wear camo or hunting clothing as you may be hassled by righteous antigun/hunting clowns. (Do you want your luggage and rifles sent to Hati on purpose?) If asked, say you’re a bird watcher and hoping to see some rare animals in ZA (dont mention hunting). You will be truthful, all safari hunters love seeing the colored and unusual birds. example: Glassy Starling or Secretary Bird killing snakes!!!

Wear a comfortable sport coat and tie to get on the flight and take them off as soon as on the plane. As a mature man (72 years old) I often get upgraded into business class when airplane is overbooked in tourist. I look house broken and unthreatening so attired. A camo jacket or pants will never be upgraded.

I’m happy to chat and answer questions about your first trip to ZA for hunting, fishing, or animal viewing. I don’t accept money or sell anything.

206-747 (4395)

– Norm Angell